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  • A Rich Brand Heritage

    DOLE® is the premium, farm-fresh foods brand that enhances your life with delicious fruits and vegetables for healthy meals by constantly innovating and bringing them from around the world to your table at the peak of quality, freshness and taste. Inspired by nature and its benefits for all of us. Colours and flavours from the earth—pure and simple. It’s farmers using responsible practices. It’s neighbours sharing fresh picks from their gardens, or a group of young friends gathered around the kitchen enjoying fresh finds from their local markets. Giving people the power to experience healthy living is what we love to do.

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  • It’s all about taste!

    That explosion of taste, that rush of flavour. That’s what we here in Dole are all about. It’s the pleasure that comes from binging on those berries positively bursting with juice, from munching on that mango, ripened to perfection. It’s that beautiful banana, that perfect pineapple, that amazing avocado, that gorgeous grape. It’s that zesty kick from the scintillating, succulent citrus, extra zing infused by the Mediterranean Sun. It’s the unmistakable freshness and flavour of tasty tomatoes grown just up the road. There’s nothing like it.

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Experience the taste - Try some tasty DOLE® Recipes!

  • Dole Classic Dole Whip Popsicles 24


    Classic Dole Whip Popsicles

  • Dole Grilled Bananas 66


    DOLE Grilled Bananas

  • Dole 2020 Frozen Pineapple on a Stick Sml


    Frozen Pineapple on a Stick

  • Dole Blog Himbeer Mango Smoothiebowl


    Raspberry and mango smoothie bowl with coconut quinoa


  • Bananas cut print2

    Fresh Fruit


  • Pineapple cut print

    Fresh Fruit


  • Cut Peach

    Fresh Fruit

    Peaches (and Nectarines/Stone Fruit)