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Joining Dole means working for an Irish company that is the global leader in an industry of great worth. We are privileged to market the most nutritious of foods with the lowest environmental footprint. Our mission, always, is to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place.

This is an incredibly exciting juncture in the evolution of our business. In 2021 we brought together Total Produce plc and Dole Food Company to create something very new in our sector. We are determined to use all of the resources at our disposal to raise the bar in fresh produce provision. We are investing in people, our operations and our infrastructure to deliver a genuine point of difference in the marketplace. This is a time of great opportunity, both for our business and our people as we seek to seize new opportunities, embrace challenges, consolidate our position and leverage our strengths to forge a new, exciting company. And we’re looking for the very best people to join us on our journey.

Working in Dole

Rooted in the 1850’s. Reborn in 2021. In Dole, we possess the drive, determination and agility of a start up AND the resources, infrastructure, experience and expertise of an established global leader. It makes for a dynamic culture. We are privileged, by virtue of our sustained growth, to be the beneficiaries of an ongoing infusion of new produce people; experienced professionals possessing diverse talents, ideas and core competencies. The fresh perspective that accompanies new people inevitably leads to a challenging of the existing conventions, compelling us to re-examine and review the way we do business. It keeps us young. A customer-centric, ‘can-do’ culture permeates throughout our organisation and we prize humility, initiative, passion and creativity and recognise and reward earnest effort and hard work when we see it.

Dole employees, wherever they are geographically located, share a common purpose; providing nutritious, high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables to help feed the world. Together, we take pride in making that happen, every day. We support our employees with education, training, and good working conditions, and take steps to positively impact their families and the wider communities, too. Dole aspires to be an employer of choice wherever we operate. Dole is committed, of course, to the goals of equal opportunity in employment. We aim to provide a work environment for staff that fosters fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity and that is free from discrimination and harassment. An equal opportunity employer, appointments and promotions are made on the basis of performance and ability.

Get to know Dole plc-

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The fresh produce business is a people business. The experience, expertise and passion of our people sets Dole Ireland apart. It is our competitive advantage. We’re committed to recruiting the best and the brightest to our business and to providing fulfilling and rewarding careers to those who join us on our journey. Together, we can grow together

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Des McCoy Managing Director, Dole Ireland
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The Dole Plc Key Talent Programme

In Dole plc we are deeply committed to the ongoing development of our people across our operations. An important component of this is our Key Talent Programme. Pictured is the graduating class of our 2022 Key Talent Programme.

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