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helps maintain healthy blood pressure

Dietary Fibre

supports heart health

Vitamin A

needed for healthy vision and immune function


Make the most of your fruit! Learn how to select, prep, and protect your farm-fresh produce.

How do you pick broccoli?

Select broccoli with a deep green or green/purple color, tightly packed heads with tiny buds and green leaves. Do not select broccoli with yellow "flowers" inside the buds, this indicates it is old and tough.


How do you prepare broccoli?

Wash and remove outer leaves before using broccoli. If the broccoli stems appear to be tough, use a knife to peel the tough outer portion. Broccoli can shine as a side dish or be added to salads, pastas, or even smoothies.


How do you store broccoli?

Store unwashed broccoli in a plastic bag in the refrigerator vegetable crisper or drawer, away from fruits, for up to 4 days.


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