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Our Value Chain

In Dole, we’re present right across the supply chain, from farm to fork, seed to store. We bring synergies and efficiencies, experience and expertise. We extract costs, add value, reduce risk and assure quality. We are your competitive advantage.

  • Delivering the best of both worlds

    Irish at heart, global by nature, in Dole we leverage our global reach, resources and strengths and our local experience and expertise to deliver bespoke services and exceptional produce to retail customers across Ireland. Providing the cream of the global crop alongside the best of local, we deliver the fundamentals: the right produce from the right sources at the right time and assure best agronomic and sustainable practices from seed to store. Extracting costs and adding value, our focus always, lies on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the Irish consumer.

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  • Global by nature

    In Dole, we’re different because we’re there. Primary growers ourselves, with 114,000 acres of our own production, and working hand in glove with the most accomplished third party growers across the globe, we understand production. We understand what it takes to grow produce-to plan, to plant, to cultivate, to harvest, to nurture and what it takes to meet the most exacting standards in the marketplace. In fact, a commitment to ‘Quality, Quality, Quality’ is what we’ve built our name on since the 1850’s.

  • Global Reach

    A determination to delivering the finest fresh produce to Ireland in pristine condition lies at the heart of all that we do. Our vertically integrated supply chains crosses the globe, supported by an extensive infrastructure that includes 11 owned vessels, 75 packhouses, 160+ distribution hubs and some 38,500 Dole employees intent of providing only the very best.

    Fresh vegetables
  • Local at Heart

    Dole Ireland’s roots can be traced back to apple orchards in County Armagh in the 1850’s. From the very start, we were committed to local. We know that Irish consumers and Irish retailers are too. That’s why local Irish produce lies at the very heart of our produce portfolio. We work with a network of Irish producers across the island of Ireland, some of which we have worked with for generations, to offer our retail customers the most comprehensive range of Irish grown salads, berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers available.

    The Apple Farm Con Traas
  • Local Reach

    In Ireland, there’s always a Dole ‘depot on your doorstep’! We operate 13 facilities across the Island, including retail hubs in Belfast, Swords, Dublin City Centre, Kilkenny and Cork City. With primary production units in Meath, Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford, our distribution reach and local sourcing capacity is truly national. And, of course, we’re incredibly proud to be embedded within the communities in which we trade.

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Integrating Innovation

In Dole we recognise that innovation lies at the heart of competitive advantage. With our iconic brand as our focal point, we seek to leverage our reach and resources to offer products and services with a clear point of difference. At times that difference may be a unique story from production, a new variety or special sustainability credentials. Other times, it may be packaging or innovative promotions that sets our produce apart. Sometimes it may be all of those things. Always the assurance of premium quality produce will come as standard. Irrespective of what it is that differentiates our produce, customer can be assured of our commitment to integrating ongoing innovation into the products and services that we offer each and every day.

Avocado Pack with Guide

Meet some of our growers and producers

In Dole, we recognise that close relationships with growers from close to home to further afield is critical to deliver the very best fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps that we’re a grower ourselves, of course. Get to know some of our growers below-

As we are feeding peoples senses, it is enormously satisfying to see people using and enjoying our produce. Herbs are after all an adornment to food and we take great pride in producing a product which people take pride in cooking with.

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Tom O'Hanlon Herb grower, based in Wicklow.
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When you think of pineapples, you think of Dole. With a deeper golden shell, richer golden flesh, and delicate aromatic check out Dole's new Golden Selection® Pineapples.”

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Dole Grower Pineapple Grower

The Grá brand is exclusively used by Dole Ireland to promote local produce. Products are sourced from experienced and accomplished local growers from across Ireland. The wide range of Irish products includes strawberries, apples and herbs. Con Traas is a second- generation apple farmer, located just outside Cahir, County Tipperary in Ireland.

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Con Traas Apple Grower
The Apple Farm Con Traas

The most important thing is that we are preserving our soils. I believe that healthy soils grow a healthy crop which grows healthy people.

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Dole Grower Vegetable Growers
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We’re one of only a handful of growers in Europe, so we are very proud of this particular tomato. Piccolo is a distinctive variety because of the way it looks and the way it tastes and that’s what makes it so special.

Jim O’Rourke Piccolo, Sunstream and Cocktail Tomato grower, based in Swords, co. Dublin

Our Range

Irish at heart, Global by nature, Dole Ireland is uniquely positioned to offer the cream of the global crop alongside the very best local grown produce. Our range extends from the more familiar to the truly exotic and includes extensive organic and value added fresh cut ranges. Guidance with respect to sourcing, availability and seasonality can be found below.

  • Local Availability Calendar

    Local Availability Calendar

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  • Global Availability Calendar

    Global Availability Calendar

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Our Sustainability Story

In Dole we’re committed to working with retail partners- and all key stakeholders across the fresh produce sector, to deliver ever more sustainably produced fruits and vegetables on retail shelves. We believe by virtue of our reach and resources, we have the capacity to lead our sector in that regard whether it is by being a constructive partner in the measurement of key sustainability metrics, or in helping manage the collective impact of our sector; be it by promoting new innovative growing practices, optimising logistics or introducing new sustainable packaging to the marketplace. Here at home, we’re proud to be an Origin Green Gold member- a testament to our ongoing efforts to adhere to best practices across all our Irish operations. We believe that by working with progressive Irish retailers we can collectively set a new standard in sustainability of which we can all be proud.

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