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  • Our promise to you. Organics without compromise.

    In Dole, when it comes to organics, we’re determined to do the simple things well. As is our way, quality is our number one priority. Consistent quality in your favourite organic produce lines across 52 weeks of the year is our starting point. We know value for money is important. So is sustainable packaging- we’ll apply the best sustainable options available wherever it is possible to do so. And taste- we’re all about taste; we’ll work with the very best growers to bring to you the freshest, tastiest organic fruits & vegetables local and global farms have to offer.

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  • GO Box Oranges

    Go Organic!

    Organic Valencia Oranges

  • Go organic4

    Go Organic!

    Organic Spinach and Carrots

  • Avocados Cut web

    Go Organic!

    Organic Avocado

  • GO Box Apples

    Go Organic!

    Organic Oranges, Royal Gala and Rocha Pears

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