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  • Local at heart

    Grá is the Irish word for ‘love’, or to have a longing for- and it’s the name we chose for the brand we apply to locally grown produce here. We know growing fresh produce in Ireland requires enormous dedication and a real commitment to the cause. We know this because we grow here ourselves- our own production complementing third party Grá growers who bring exactly that commitment to their farms. They’re carefully selected because we’re determined that our Grá brand is only applied to the very, very best. Only farmers who share our passion for fresh fruit and vegetables and those who bring a pride to their produce work with us. It’s how we set our produce apart.

    Grá Apple Bag
  • The Grá range

    The Grá brand is applied to a wide range of Irish grown fruits and vegetables – though obviously it depends on the season! Our range extends across apples and berries to root vegetables like cauliflowers’, cabbages, and carrots, to herbs and salads, including lettuces, tomatoes and peppers. No matter what the product is, of course, our commitment to ensure that what we sell is the cream of the Irish crop, remains the same.

    Con Traas apples
  • Assuring quality

    Quality. You know it when you see it. You certainly can’t fake it. Grá farmers put enormous effort into ensuring that the quality of our produce is second to none. There’s no room for compromise. It starts on their farms and in their glasshouses, of course. They bring all their experience and expertise to bear to lay the right foundations to deliver the best of produce- pouring plenty of tender loving care into our soils and our vines. Many of our growers are second, third or fourth generation farmers. For them, it’s a labour of love- leaving us to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

    Grá Berry Cartons 1 berries