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  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Origin Green Gold

    Dole Ireland is proud to be an Origin Green Gold member. Gold status recognises the efforts of Origin Green members which have achieved “exceptional annual performance on their sustainability targets in areas such as raw material sourcing, water and energy efficiency, waste reduction, packaging and social sustainability” based on the assessment of Bord Bia’s nominated independent verification authority. Globally renowned, Origin Green is the worlds' only national food and drink sustainability programme, encouraging lrish businesses to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect and protect the environment and enrich local communities. The award of “Gold” status is a testament to Dole’s ongoing commitment to transparency across its operations and the pursuit of best sustainable practices- a commitment evident in the wide variety of initiatives in place across Dole Ireland focused on, amongst other things, energy management, water conservation, biodiversity, community engagement and diversity and inclusion.

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  • For Nature

    Climate Action

    In Dole, we have been working hard to reduce carbon emissions associated with our operations. In 2018, we transitioned the electricity supply across each of our national depts to renewable energy- delivering a reduction in emissions of some 65% overall. In 2022 and 2023 we began installing solar panels on our facilities, beginning with our facility in Belfast and then our Foodservice distribution hub in Balbriggan. The work continues.

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  • For Nature

    Water Stewardship

    At a global level, in Dole we are working to identify water related risks and committed to ensuring best practices are adhered to on farms from which we source our produce. Here at home, Dole Ireland’s distribution sites are predominantly ‘dry sites’ with relatively low water consumption. As part of our Origin Green membership we are nevertheless working to reduce consumption further. On our production sites here, we are also working to reduce water use. In 2022, for example, our Uniplumo business invested in a 750,000ltr roof water harvesting and storage reservoir infrastructure which was integrated to the existing 1.25mn ltr roof water storage reservoir. The site is now 100% independent of any requirement from public mains water supply (other than the canteen) and all plants grown at the Wyestown Nursey are grown in a closed loop irrigation system. Annually, +/-40,000,000lts of water are collected annually from the roof and piped to storage in large outdoor reservoirs.

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  • For Nature

    Packaging Waste

    Marketing as we do, perishable produce, in Dole, we have always been very careful about minimising the level of waste in our operations. It is closely monitored and minimised from farm to fork. We also try to inspire and empower consumers to minimise waste when it comes to fruits & vegetables with initiatives (including this website!) dedicated to educating them how to make ever more imaginative use of leftover fruits and vegetables. A proud member of REPAK, we know too that Irish consumers are very concerned about unnecessary use of plastic packaging on fresh produce. We keep the amount of plastic employed under constant review, removing or replacing plastic wherever possible and making sustainable alternatives available on the retail shelf.

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  • For People

    Worker Welfare

    In Dole Ireland we are committed to promoting and encouraging Physical, Financial and Emotional well-being to our employees. With that in mind, in October 2020 we introduced our Group Employee Assistance Programme across Ireland an initiative that is ongoing year on year and dedicated to providing immediate access to a specialist information portal and fully qualified, accredited counsellors to any Dole colleagues in need of further support. This free, confidential resource is administered and operated by a third party and the service is available to all employees and their immediate families. Though important, our EAP is only one component of a suite of initiatives we roll out each year to promote employee health and well-being.

  • For People

    Community Engagement

    One of the unique features that sets Dole Ireland apart is our network of local depots spread out right across the island of Ireland. Our businesses and our people are consequently deeply embedded in the communities in which we serve. In Dole we’re committed to playing a constructive role in everyday life. The length and breadth of the country we not only provide local employment and work with local growers but we also contribute to local communities, sponsoring local football, ruby and GAA clubs, promoting health eating in schools and workplaces and supporting a variety of worthy charitable causes.

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  • For Food

    Responsible Procurement

    In sourcing the finest fresh produce from across the globe, in Dole we are committed to assuring best agronomic and sustainable practices from seed to store. It’s no different here at home. Prioritising local produce is important in this regard. Across our 170+ years operating in Ireland, we have nurtured a national network of local growers- some of whom we have been working with for generations. We take care to put “Local Produce First”; prioritising locally grown produce where it is available, commercially viable and environmentally responsible to do so. Across Ireland, we provide agronomic assistance to help local growers achieve the quality standards and accreditations necessary in the modern marketplace, financial, logistical and operational support to ensure local produce reaches local consumers in pristine condition and the commercial, marketing and promotional expertise and resources necessary to place local produce at the heart of the portfolio of produce we present to our customers nationwide.

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  • For Food

    Educating, inspiring and empowering consumers

    Promoting fresh produce consumption and the pursuit of healthy diet is a priority for Dole. Here in Ireland, we work with our core stakeholders and through a variety of media to promote healthy eating. A good example is the Incredible Edibles programme. Dedicated to educating, encouraging and inspiring young people to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, Agri Aware’s Incredible Edibles programme operates in primary schools across Ireland. Promoting fresh produce to children in a fun, engaging and practical way, the programme gives children practical experience of growing fruits and vegetables at school and teaches the importance of eating seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Each year over 1,300 schools and 48,000 students in Ireland participated in the Incredible Edibles programme with each school receiving Growing Starter Kits for participating classes.

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