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Iceberg Lettuce

Make the most of your vegetables! Learn how to select, prep, and protect your farm-fresh produce.

How do you pick iceberg lettuce?

Select heads of iceberg that are compact with fresh-looking leaves. The lettuce head should give slightly when gentle pressure is applied.


How do you use iceberg lettuce?

As most lettuce, iceberg is most often used in salads. However, the shape of the leaves provides a perfect receptacle (lettuce wraps) for fillings such as shrimp, chicken or pork.


How do you store lettuce?

Clean lettuce before storing. Remove core and any wilted outer leaves. Rinse by holding head cored-end under running tap water allowing water to run all through the head to refresh it. Turn the lettuce head over and let the water run out. Store lettuce in plastic bag or airtight container in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email


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