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Lovely and healthy: five reasons why you should eat avocado

Snack time is fruit time! Our 5 fruitiest recipe ideas

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They’re green, creamy and soooo delicious! Avocados simply have what it takes and enhance vegetarian cooking with lots of good nutrients. So, lovely and healthy! On our blog today, we reveal why this popular berry fruit, a member of the laurel family, is a real superfood. Be inspired also by our most ingenious Dole avocado recipes! Here are five reasons why you should eat avocado. Life is green!

1. Avocados are full of good nutrients

Looking for a complete nutrition package that does you good? Then avocados are your friend. These green treats can provide you with a huge array of important nutrients for health and well-being. Avocados contain various vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamins K, E and C, potassium and copper. They also score highly when it comes to antioxidants. Tip: The folic acid in avocados makes them a very good choice for pregnant women. If you like, you can also use the stone in the avocado as it has the most nutrients, mainly amino acids. Dry it, grind it and add it to smoothies or salads.

2. Avocados are a healthy source of fat

All fats are not equal. If you have been avoiding avocados because of the fat content, you can relax: while they are very high in fat (roughly 15 g of fat per 100 g), avocados also contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids. These include omega-3, for example. The unsaturated fatty acids provide valuable support for the cardiovascular system, they can reduce LDL cholesterol levels and they protect cells and organs. Our bodies can metabolise them very well. Around one-third of the fat that we consume in our diet should consist of unsaturated fatty acids. And don’t forget: we need fat for our bodies to be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. You can therefore easily combine avocados with other sources of vitamins.

3. A quick and delicious snack – avocados taste good in lots of different guises

Reluctant cooks – take note! Avocados give your palate that extra portion of pleasure. They taste deliciously creamy; they always work and can be used for more than just guacamole. Our ingeniously simple Dole recipes are a good reason why you should eat avocados. 

4. Avocados provide fibre and aid digestion

A healthy gut is the key to overall well-being. Luckily, avocados are high in non-digestible fibre – plant fibre. This will help to keep you feeling full for longer – the best prevention against hunger pangs – and will support your digestive system. Get your day off to an energetic start by enjoying avocados at breakfast time. Your gut bacteria will also thank you for eating fibre. To maximise the benefits of fibre, combine your avocados with whole grain products, such as bread or pasta. Yummy!

5. Avocados are good for your eyes thanks to carotenoids

Carrots are not the only foods that contain carotenoids. This plant pigment can also be found in avocados. These are phytochemicals, which the human body converts into vitamin A. Avocados contain the carotenoids zeaxanthin and lutein. We need both of these for healthy, well-functioning eyes. For example, they protect the retina from strong rays of light. So having good eyesight is a solid reason to eat avocados!

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